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Himachal Pradesh travel guide

Himachal Pradesh travel guide:

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Himachal Pradesh, the most talked about places in India. There is something about this name.You can’t resist to find out what it’s all about. People from all over the world land up here spending long time periods, settling in the serenity that it offers. India’s pride not just because of the amazing landscapes it offers and natural abode, but also the hospitality. The people who hail from here are extremely kind hearted. And I say this out of experience.

Monkey point Kasauli,Himachal Pradesh


Haripurdhar Hotel Guru Surabhi

There have been numerous blogs written on Himachal.Which eventually motivated me to try my hand on it as well. After doing a lot of thinking on how to go about writing this one.I figured some directives for myself –

                       Himachal is enormously huge as a state and honestly.I haven’t covered it entirely. There is still a lot to explore and experience.Hence I have planned to divide the blog in multiple parts as and when I encounter more places

                        I have touched Himachal quite a few times at different time zones and each time.I did, I was mesmerized. No exaggeration! And that is why the structure of this article is my experiences.Various locations in Himachal articulated in different sections .Which are independent of each other with no sequential flow

                        Though I have seen more than what I have articulated in this blog. I preferred not to highlight all the places which people already know and have read about. The popular ones to be precise. Instead I have tried to showcase places and routes .That are remote, less known, less traversed.Thet are not been documented much on social media and travel websites. Not much information exists on them so to speak .

1) NH44 – The route that leads to the Himachal Predesh, if you are road tripping from Delhi

To venture into any place far from the city.First endeavor is to always get out of the heavy cries and bustling of the city roads .Which to everyone’s fate is always heavily crowded with vehicles, cows and dogs crossing each other’s path.Screaming of people from all the sides, and the heavy layer of toxins that fill up the air.Huh! Quite a challenge which comes in your way before you finally leave your trail out of the city. ‘Delhi’ is one such busy metropolis .Which even goes further to make your life hell, with that strong pungent smell of the garbage lying in the areas of Rajghat, Kashmere Gate.Then you see a big mountain of waste with crows flying all over and trucks, carrying heavy load of garbage waste onto the hilltop. All of this and then you enter nh44 with a burdened soul.

Sorry for a creepy start of this blog describing pathetic conditions of our cities

But that’s how things roll in our so called developed and enlightened parts of the country. Having said this, I promise to take you to an adventure filled blog as we roll.

NH44 is the road which shows you the urbanized lands of Sonepat, Panipat and Karnal in Haryana state.Then flamboyantly enters Punjab state through Ambala and Chandigarh. It is after Chandigarh, you enter into the mountains, to often referred as ‘land of gods’ called Himachal Pradesh.

NH44 stumbles you upon a straight well maintained multilane highway road.Tripping you into fields, villages, highway restaurants, sugarcane juice vendors, huge trucks and your regular traffic. For a motorcyclist coming from Delhi, it takes 4-5 hours to reach Chandigarh on this road if maintaining average speed of 80-90 Kmph.Assisted with all sorts of facilitations like mechanic services and fuel stations. All and all, a smooth ride to Chandigarh and ahead towards Himachal.

This will be continue in chapter II


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